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Assembly and Welding:

  • Manual Welding Machine
  • Auto Welding Machine
  • Secondary Tapping
  • Assembly Line
  • JI-ONT Kit Assembly
  • MOCA Kit Assembly

Powder Coat Paint System:

Wash/Rinse System (5 Stages):

  • Alkaline Cleaner
  • Rinse Water
  • Iron Phosphate & PH Adjust
  • Rinse
  • Sealant Rinse

We use all stainless steel construction with stainless steel pumps at each station. Reverse osmosis purification is used for makeup water; a bluewater recycling system is used for the rinse water.

Powder Application System:

The powder application system is composed of an I.T.W. Gema system with Allen Bradley PLC controls. It has 8 internal high efficiency Optigun automatic powder guns with a GEMA Cyclone Recovery System

Gas-Fired Cure/Dry-Off Oven:

The gas fired cure and dry off oven is 70 feet in length. It can accommodate parts up to 72 in height and 12 in width.

  • Dry off: 225 – 250°F (450°F Max)
  • Cure: 375 – 400°F (500°F Max)
stanco metal products

 Services/Added Value

stanco metal

Stanco will strive to meet our customers’ expectations through a “total team” interaction, focusing on continuous improvement, safely producing a cost-efficient, promptly delivered product & services of exceptional quality.

Our process engineers serve you from the beginning of the product to the life of tool. They are here to improve your product and your profitability.

stanco metal

Assembly & Sub Assembly:
We offer flexibility to do a wide range of assembly for our customers. We have on-line and off-line assembly, which can help reduce our customers’ cost.

stanco metal

All of our packaging meets the National Safe Transit Association guidelines or customers’ requirements. We label to customer specific information or by using the A.I.A.G label standard.

stanco metal

We have a state-of-the-art powder coat system.

stanco metal

Manual and Automatic welding and secondary tapping. Processes are equipped with sensing technology to provide 100% in-line presence verification.

stanco metal

Vibratory Finishing Machine:
If needed, parts can be deburred with options of rust inhibitors and a cobb dryer.